... I started to capture the world with a camera when I was a teenager and taught myself everything myself. My first camera was a used, analog Yashica. Until I finally had a usable photo, I used several 36-film films. Having got away from the initial snap in automatic mode, the ambition was aroused and I started composing pictures and at some point I understood the interplay between ISO, exposure and time. I found digital photography early (2002), which fascinated me from the start. I was sometimes ridiculed by other photographers who dismissed digital photography as a fashion pavilion ...


Today, in the digital age, more photos are taken in one day than in analog times in a whole year! Today everyone can afford to take pictures, at least with their mobile phones.


I educated myself and continue to develop with books, tutorials, workshops, trips, image editing courses and many master classes. At some point I even started giving courses and small workshops (in the field of business and portrait photography) myself. But photography remains an eternal learning process and I'm always happy to discover something new! The lively exchange with the many different photographers, for example in the Photographische Gesellschaft Winterthur and in various groups of photographers, is a welcome refueling point for knowledge.


My photos should arouse curiosity and capture the moment as a cherished memory.

I love sunrises and sunsets and their beautiful colors; I like the facets of gray in the fog or the purity of the snow, the tropical warmth of a beach, the sea and water in general, but above all the wonder of life in the eyes of humans and animals - I try to capture all of these with the camera .


I'm particularly taken with the very young life, there is nothing more beautiful than a newborn. It gives me great pleasure to give the young parents unforgettable memories of these moments. They're over too quickly!


In my opinion, photographing people is the most beautiful, but also the most challenging way to create a photograph. Children rarely keep still, adults are far too self-critical. A lot of work for a photographer - but worthwhile one that gives me an infinite amount back.

For thirty years now I have been married to the best husband in the world, who actively supports me in the background and we are very proud of our two wonderful sons and the beautiful daughter. The family also includes two completely spoiled, dictatorial cats.


If you want to know more about me personally, check out my posts on the blog  (only available in German)!

To keep everything exciting, I work three days a week as a division manager and DaZ teacher in a German and integration school. There I look after the extensive German courses and the projects of the integration promotion Winterthur as well as our child care "Dwarf House" and I am responsible for advertising.

Wenn du mehr über mich persönlich erfahren möchtest, schau dir meine Beiträge im Blog an! Dort findest du viele interessante Themen und auch Reiseberichte - Fernweh garantiert!

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