... I'm a passionate photographer. I started photography when I was a teenager and taught myself everything at the time. Gradually, however, I gave room to professionalism. My photos should make you curious and capture the moment as a cherished memory.

For almost thirty years I have been married to the best husband in the world, who actively supports me in the background and we are very proud of our two great sons and our beautiful daughter. The family also includes two completely spoiled, dictatorial cats.

I love sunrises and sunsets and their beautiful colors; I like the facets of gray in the fog or the purity of the snow, the tropical warmth of a beach, the sea and water in general, but above all the wonder of life in the eyes of humans and animals - I try to capture all of these with the camera . Capturing moments of joy and sometimes sadness, just in life, became a passion!

What   I'm working on ...

At the moment I am training in newborn photography, especially the masterclasses by Kelly Brown are worth gold. The lockdown gave me three months in which I could really pounce on these projects. Further education via webinars and tutorials was quite a challenge, but you get used to everything. It is definitely not that easy to work out a well-organized flow of a session when such small and unpredictable beings are the main characters.

A few examples from my blog (only available in German) :

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