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I am a passionate photographer! My photos should arouse curiosity and capture the moment as a cherished memory. 


Today, in the digital age, more photos are taken in one day than in a whole year in analogue times! That's incredible! The quality of an image is all the more important these days.

On my bucket list

  • Winning a photo competition (best placement so far: 4th place)

  • Twin session

  • Second Canon R5 (or R3)

  • 1. Canon RF 24-70  f/2.8l IS USM

  • 2. Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM

  • 3. Canon RF 80mm or 100mm Macro bright

  • 4. Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8L IS USM

  • Newborn workshop with Ana Brandt (Los Angeles, California) 

  • Purchase of a new flash system

  • Shootcamp the big Blitzen (Vienna, Austria)

  • My own studio

My photographic career

  • 2022 Shootcamp Portrait II, Flash / request for flyers

  • 2021 Shoot camp, portrait, various shootings in business photography, first (sole) wedding shooting

  • 2020 Masterclass Newborn Posing, Canon Academy, System R and other workshops, 

  • 2019 Switch to Canon full format and System R, master class portrait and reportage, various photo trips andsince 2018 regular paid shootings, joining the Photographische Gesellschaft Winterthur and Photosuisse

  • 2018 Switching from LR + PS to Pixelmator Pro, large order with SF1 for ict@migrants, setting up a mobile studio, joining FNB nature photographers from Bolivia, first newborn shoot

  • 2017 Creation of this site

  • 2016 Workshops in camera handling, image processing in LR and PS, court photographer Swiss Waterpolo in Azerbaijan, first order for staff photos, photos for the Migros magazine and various newspapers

  • 2010 First photo assignment (event photography)

  • 2009 First smaller orders, mostly photos as an accompaniment to texts as the main order

  • 2004 Switched to Canon DSLR

  • 2002 Transition to digital photography with Pentax, Sony and Canon Bridge, first workshop in image processing

  • 1993 Purchase of a used Pentax, baby handling course at KSW

  • 1988 Purchase of my first Yashica SLR camera


For thirty years now I have been married to the best husband in the world, who actively supports me in the background and we are very proud of our two wonderful sons and the beautiful daughter. The family also includes two completely spoiled, dictatorial cats.

So that everything stays exciting, I work three days a week as a department head and DaZ teacher in a German and integration school. There I look after the extensive German courses and the projects of the Winterthur integration promotion as well as our children's daycare and I'm responsible for advertising and security.

If you want to know more about me personally, check out my posts on the blog ! There you will find many interesting topics and travel reports - wanderlust guaranteed!

A few examples from my blog (only available in German) :

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