Since there is a lot to consider when shooting with the little ones and to be able to get as much out of your photo shooting with me and to get unforgettable pictures in the end, I have prepared a checklist. 


The best time for a newborn photoshoot is 5 to max. 21 days after the birth of the child. At the time they are a bit more sleepy and calm. But you can also take beautiful photos with "older" babies - the main thing is that the baby feels comfortable, has no stomach pains, newborn acne or birth trauma. In this case, we better wait a week or two longer.


If you book a newborn shoot with me, you should definitely bring enough time and plan it (at least 2 hours), because the shoot often does not go as smoothly as other shoots, babies want to be breastfed or changed in between. Please avoid appointments before and after the shooting. It may well be that the shoot lasts longer and as soon as parents are stressed, the baby notices this and becomes restless too.

  Predator feeding

It is best to breastfeed the baby or give your baby another shopping session half an hour before the appointment, then it will be satisfied and happy.  Since such young babies mainly recognize mum by their smell, it can but also that I send mum a few meters further away when I notice that the baby is getting restless and having "Where's-my-milk" dreams.

The diaper should be loosened a little about an hour before the shoot so that no diaper marks can be seen on the photos. 

If your baby is peeling like a little snake, I recommend oiling it with baby oil before the photo shoot.

  Clothes for babies

Wrap bodysuits, rompers with a zip or snaps are most suitable.

Please no things that are put on and taken off over your head. Babies usually don't like that, but for the shoot such a dressing and undressing stresses the baby unnecessarily. 


   A ccesoires

You can bring hair bands, caps, stuffed animals, different outfits, socks, shoes, etc. if you like. They add a personal touch to the photos! But you don't have to bring anything with you. I plan the set in advance. I have a huge pool of accessories, swaddling cloths, animal dresses (freshly washed for each baby) , hair bands, pointed hats and much more that I provide for the shooting ...  


    M ake-Up

Dear mom, when you put on your make-up, please make sure to dab a little powder over the foundation so that your face doesn't shine too much in the photo later. The make-up should match your skin tone (rather too light!) and be subtle. Don't forget to pack some lip gloss to touch up during the shoot! 




The nails should be neat and clean. The same goes for the babies and especially for the siblings, if they should be included in the picture (don't forget that!) 

   O utfit

Now finally to your outfit! Often a difficult decision...

You should note the following: 

  • No logos, no printed t-shirts and no patterns that are too flashy (preferably no patterns at all).

  • All family members should   match in color, but they don't all have to be the same (example: a pair of jeans and a white top looks great and everyone has that in their closet!)

  • But the outfits can also be something special. It's a photo shoot after all, so dress up and look your best! 

  • Muted colors look beautiful in powdery, subtle tones. Especially in photos where I photograph mum with the baby, light, soft colors look very harmonious.

  • Also take a black and a white shirt with you, especially if you don't have any pastel-colored shirts in your closet.

  • Take at least one top with you to change, a mishap can happen too quickly and the baby throws up or pees - this happens regularly and we don't want it in the photo after all.

  • When choosing clothes (unfortunately this happens again and again!) , don't forget your dad if he's coming with you. He's supposed to fit in with the rest of the family...


Conclusion: You don't have to buy completely new outfits, nor do I impose a style on you that you don't like. You can easily put together the perfect outfit for the shoot from what's in your closet!


Do you have any questions or doubts? Then just write me or call me .

Checklist   Newborns