The little moments

make life great.

A newborn shoot cannot be completely planned in terms of time or date. So in addition to your baby, you also bring a lot of time and patience. I have a lot of patience, it may well be that your baby needs a little time or is just not in a good mood. If there are poses or colors that you don't like at all, we won't take photos with them. If there are any poses that your baby is not comfortable with, then neither. The baby will offer what it wants and it is my job to always make sure that it is comfortable at all times. This gives us the guarantee that the photos reflect that calm. No preparation is required - but you can loosen your baby's diaper half an hour before the shoot so that it doesn't leave any marks.

If you click on the Checklist button, you will find a few helpful tips on preparation and clothing. Look at her:

Detailed photos are very important to me in order to capture the enchanting features of your baby: the long eyelashes, cute fingers, fluffy hair, an enchanting angel smile or a pout. Who doesn't want a memory of it?


In this exciting early period, every day brings changes, and memories of this unique time soon blur. Then photos are priceless.

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