The following reference list shows a small excerpt from Yorazzi's publications (print) and bookings. Click on the picture to get to the external link to the publication.

  • Sunnewind

    March 20, 2021

    (Portrait photography)

    Staff photos


    Take the energy transition into your own hands - a young company for which I was allowed to take the personnel photos.

  • Animal protection campaign "Vier Pfoten"


    (Product photography)

    Photo fur jackets


    Although everyone knows how cruel fur farms are, companies in Switzerland still sell real fur from unauthorized farms.

  • 20 minutes

    Dec 2018 online

    (Wildlife photography)

    Cover photo / Sweet Nishi adorns the cover of 20Min with his Christmas hat.

  • News in 20 minutes from Zurich

    December 17, 2019

    (Sports photography)

    Photo water polo players

  • News in 20 minutes from Zurich

    08/26/2019 online

    (Event photography)

    Images with a total of two photos for the online edition / around 375,000

  • ECAP German Café

    2018 print

    (Event photography)

    Pictures and design of the flyers in four languages for the project ECAP-Deutsch-Café at Sennhof, Winterthur, which will start after the summer holidays 2018.

  • Confirmation ceremony J.F.


    (Event photography)

    Photos in the church and at the celebration of Jerry afterwards.

  • 50th birthday of A.F.


    (Event photography)

    Images and photo book

  • Migrosmagazine and others

    01/06/2016 print

    (Sports photography)

    What began with a joke and a large poster met with a great response and was printed in several daily newspapers.

  • Swiss Waterpolo

    03 / 08-05-2016

    (Sports photography)

    I had the great honor of accompanying the U19 water polo team to Baku, Azerbaijan as a court photographer. An extremely exciting week, during which sightseeing was not neglected. => Link

  • C.T.'s 50th birthday


    (Event photography)

    Images and photo book

  • Country messenger

    08-2018 print & online

    2018, 2019 flyer image

    (Sports photography)

    Advertisement in the SCW's Landbote for the Seemer Dorfet

  • ict @ migrants

    December 06, 2018

    (Event photography)

    Conference photos / ict @ migrants is a great project to promote qualified migrants.

  • Day indicator

    06/13/2019 online

    06/14/2019 print

    (Portrait photography)

    Large portrait in one of the most important daily newspapers in Switzerland / An interesting newspaper article on dumping wages in the bidding sector in the Tagesanzeiger appeared online and the next day in print.

  • KITA DAmpfschiff (Association Noah)


    (Event photography)

    Personal photos of the staff of the KITA steam ship in Winterthur

  • Zurich Zoo

    11/06/2016 online

    (Wildlife photography)

    Official account of Zurich Zoo - but my red panda also looks irresistible!

  • 50th birthday of A.v.N.


    (Event photography)

    Images and photo book

  • Schwimmclub Winterthur


    (Portrait photography)

    Photos for the showcase in the Geiselweid indoor pool in Winterthur

  • Winterthur Newspaper

    06/09/2014 print & online

    (Sports photography)

    The Winterthurer Zeitung publishes my pictures again and again - mainly in the sports section.

  • Graduation ceremony A.K.


    (Event photography)

    Photos of the celebration

  • 70th birthday of E.B.


    (Event photography)

    Photos of the celebration

  • Christmas dinner BBVA Suiza


    (Event photography)

    Photos of the bank's Christmas dinner on behalf of the management.

  • PULS sports magazine


    (Sports photography)

    Text and images (3 pages)


    Report on the Eulachmeeting, an international swimming competition.

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